Type: retail | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: 2017 | Status: in use | Client: ZORA


Soon after the success of the first store with a completely renewed design and a new corporate identity of ZORA chain stores, it was time for the next one - already in Sofia, in Sky City Mall.

We easily implemented the strong idea and the new concept in the space of the rented retail space in the Mall.

You will unmistakably recognize the distinctive façade of the brand.

The radical change is impressive with its unique vision, attractive communication environment, simultaneous visibility and accessibility to the individual product areas.

Here, once again the idea of high technology finds a place in the interior in the analogy with the "board".

We have created an environment adequate to the innovation and dynamics with which technologies are developing nowadays. Our leading idea was to turn the space into a place of choice and selection, offering a digital and futuristic experience so close to contemporary man. The feeling of material, shape and color is definite and unambiguous.

We have established a central open area, from which the sectors of the individual commodity groups are visible and accessible. We drew a walking line running through the whole hall, that also offers clear visibility to the products on display from any point. We have opened the zones so that they can communicate with each other and especially with the customer, who can more quickly and easily define their needs and combine products according to their individual taste and style.

The interior design was inspired by space technology. We are far from being truly weightless, but we have given the environment a sense of an achievable future, making the world of scientific progress accessible to everyone.

We are happy that the retail chain "Zora" gave us the opportunity not only to design objects with a new look, but also to incorporate the new messages of the company in the interior design.

With the new design the space comes to life! We created a matrix that will captivate the customer and inspire him visit every point of the store.

We also thought about how to show him what is where, creating the pictograms and placing them strategically.

But above all, we changed the color - we distinguished "Zora" from all the others!

We thought about the whole space, from the flooring, through the soffit, to the last detail of the furniture.

Be sure to enjoy the new design, now in Sofia too!