Type: private house | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: in use | Client: private client


We present you the unusual luxury of an elite mountain villa in the relaxation area designed by us on the shores of Iskar Dam.

In an isolated place, against the backdrop of the dam, our new holiday home is nestled in a centuries-old coniferous forest with a vast green meadow in front. Absolute beauty!

The project was realized in 2016 in a unique contemporary minimalist style, without any compromises in the standard of materials and quality of workmanship.

During the construction of the mountain villa, nothing was spared in the effort to incorporate the highest quality materials.

We have formed a layout that most accurately reflected the functional requirements of our client for different areas: barbecue with soft seating, fireplace and sauna with relaxation area to it, which can be used outdoors on warm days or indoors with a folding glazed façade.

The view from the barbecue is phenomenal!

We tried to keep it as much as possible so that nothing would intervene with it.
We achieved this by lowering a separate corner with upholstered furniture below the main level with partial digging. So we separated the area and increased the height of the glazing.

We let the sun's rays get in through the branches of the ancient pines through a glass roof to feel their beauty, to be sheltered and feel the romantic atmosphere, even when it is raining.

Eating will be the main function here, so the place is focused on the gorgeous view, behind glass partitions, which in good weather can be opened to blend in with nature.

The kitchen has clean lines, accommodating all the basic functions to allow the preparation of a variety of specialties and to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

The relaxation sauna offers the same unique view of the dam that we see behind the trunks of several pine trees.

We relaxed wonderfully and shook off the toxins, recharged the batteries and ... we want to go there again, in this magical green paradise!

How can a person ever leave  ...

For now, we're leaving the place alone to come again with a new project one day.