Type: private house | Location: Gabravo, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: technical project | Client: private client


A wonderful family home in a large property in Gabrovo will soon welcome its owners in the embrace of a centuries-old forest.

We reach the house from the southeast along a curved pedestrian alley, which leads us centrally to the heart of the house. On the side, using the gravel-filled alley we can reach by car the double garage, located on the ground floor.
We have taken care of the young family with children so that they have all the amenities needed: the access is from the ground level, so that it flows safely through the veranda from the spacious green yard. All main living rooms on both floors face the courtyard to the south.
The entrance is protected from bad weather conditions due to the depression inside, under the bay window on the upper floor. From there we enter a distribution corridor, from where we reach the living area and the office to the west, and to the east the living room, garage and workshop. It is logical to place the premises for external visitors, near the entrance. Directly on both sides is the office for work, solitude and reflection and a guest bedroom.

The living room, dining room and kitchen occupy the corner southwest space on the ground floor and open onto a spacious veranda to the green yard. In its western part we have a barbecue, hidden under the overhanging bay window on the upper floor, where the family can relax in the summer evenings. The living room is situated in a common space with the dining room and only a light sliding partition separates them from the kitchen, bordering a small storage room. In this main living space, which gathers the whole family, they have found a place and a cozy fireplace and even ionics for the musical hobbies of their inhabitants.

The second floor houses all the bedrooms of the parents and their three children. Fortunately, space is not saved here, as often happens in housing design, and there is room for everything. Wide, comfortable and luxurious is the master bedroom overlooking south and west, has sofas on which the owners can relax after a long day. And at night he transports them to another world - that of the infinite universe. We provide sleep under the stars by placing a spacious skylight just above the family bed - luxury, romance under the sound of rain and a view of the endless sky - away from all worries. There is hardly a better rest. Comfort is complemented by a spacious bright closet and a large bathroom with overhead lighting.
The rooms of the three children are also wide, luxurious, with their own closets and private bathrooms, lit with natural light, through skylights. We cannot fail to note the magnificent location of all bedrooms - to the south and with a terrace to the yard, surrounding the entire second floor for maximum comfort. Even the laundry room has its own terrace, situated on the roof of the garage. The owners have a second spacious terrace to the west, above the barbecue, from where to contemplate the romantic sunsets.
Everyone in this home is significant and has their own personal space, which is approached with equal attention.

The northern part of the house contains rooms with a service function, such as the open one-way staircase, the wet room, the kitchen, the warehouse, the closets and some of the bathrooms.
The model is the means by which you can feel the scale of the property and the house in it.

Situated in a huge green yard, surrounded by forest and meadows, the building even looks small, but in fact is a wide-ranging home, without restrictions on space and freedom - a home completely immersed in nature.

You can follow the line of dreams in the following variants of architectural vision.

With wood paneling or treated with plaster, the house can be dressed in a variety of clothes without losing its essence and qualities.

And why not accentuated by a powerful wall with gabions - against the background of its simple white volume.

Anything is possible, as long as we want it. We just need to relax, to fly, as if carried by the wings of a child's kite.
And the owners wanted their home to be lined with brick, which best combines with their dreams.

And now they are on the threshold of their new home, ready to immerse themselves in its comfort.