Type: interiors | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: in use | Client: private client


We all know that there is no parent who does not want the best for the health, upbringing and education of their children, providing a suitable environment - a home that allows the family to live in love, understanding and comfort. This dream also brought our clients, a young family with two little boys, to us. And we made every effort to realize it. And we think we did well. Simple, elegant, modern. Light and ethereal, like a light blue sky.

From the entrance we take in the daylight. We let it into the corridor through transparent and reflective surfaces. With the right lighting, the feeling of spaciousness is skillfully achieved in the most muted corners of the apartment.

The family has in their home a nice living room, colored in white to further expand the space; woody to bring warmth and coziness; graphite gray for contrast and highlighting other tonalities; light turquoise blue to soothe and refresh. Mirror lighting brings the necessary dose of luxury in which the family can rest ethereally after a dynamic day.

The clean lines of the kitchen further appease the occupants of the home, as it is organized logically and consistently for the preparation of delicious specialties. The function is thought out in detail to help the young family and save any unnecessary anxiety and fuss.

Against this background, in gentle neutral shades, the colors of family life stand out freshly, people and their personalities stand out. Thus we achieve the idea of the man in the center of the designing process, tangible, significant, as here are both small and large.

The special dimmed hidden lighting contributes to the softness of the impact and gives additional charm to the space.

We have thought of every detail with care and attention.

In the living room there is a place for work or solitude, after the little ones fall asleep in the evening.

Next to the living room we can find the master bedroom. The space is extremely cozy, for relaxation and enjoyment.

The natural gentle tonalities create a great lightness and natural touch.

Immersed in a sense of peace and harmony, in the embrace of a birch forest, to the sounds of sweet larks, in this bedroom the rest is, without a doubt, divine. A place for relaxation, peaceful sleep and love.

The mirror dressing table is specially lit to allow the much-needed minutes for the young mother to be away from the household chores and to dedicate herself to her beauty and well-being.

And if we "enter" the birch grove, we will find a well-hidden closet to dress, loaded, fresh, beautiful, ready for the new day!

Here we are, the rooms of the two kids. They are located directly opposite the living room. We will immediately recognize them by the fresh boyish colors that create good mood, alertness and prepare them to absorb new knowledge, along with numerous games.

You can feel the age difference of the brothers in the shades of the rooms: brighter for the bigger and more gentle and calm for the smaller.

Silenced in anticipation of something different, interesting and definitely good to happen! This is the new home of the nice united family. The next one can be yours :) Welcome!