Type: interiors | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: 2016 | Status: in use | Client: private client


It is wonderful when a family has two children. It is even more wonderful when they become three :) This, of course, presuming that their home is adapted for everyone, so that they can live peacefully, in harmony and understanding.
Here is how we helped the young family to modernize their home and renovate it so that the young heirs have their own place to live.
We will start with the two young men. Without a doubt, you will guess the boys' favorite sport.

The football leitmotif is the basis for the design of the interior of the room.

And you already know which are the favorite teams.
We have selected the colors in a sporty style.

We have designed the furniture so as to provide maximum useful area and space for the boys, without the room being overcrowded. We raised the beds above the closets in a style resembling a sports locker room.
For barriers and security on the second level we have used a football net, and when you see the colors of the bed linen, you will feel a surge of pride, seeing our national flag in one of them.
The two beds are separated by a furniture shelf, which houses the books they read before going to bed, and serves as support for the night lighting.
Athletes are in the spotlight, which is actually their main light in the room and can be directed to where the hot spot is.
All the furniture is our design, even the stairs leading to the boys' beds.

For resting we have chosen upholstered furniture type "barbarian", quite non-committal and youthful.

The main background is neutral, gray, carrying the spirit of sports facilities. The carmine red accents on the study countertops, beds and barbarians stand out wonderfully.
Between the two children's rooms is the parents' bedroom, which we have designed in classic color combinations to ensure their peace of mind. Natural wood surrounds the bedroom, passing from the floor to the wall. Particularly distinctive here are the shapes of the wooden slats - curvilinear and unique, like in the wild.
Contrasting the wood are the white walls. The soft shapes of white lighting fixtures also have a natural shape: like drops of dew.

The atmosphere is cozy and inspires relaxation.

The room has two large additional spaces to it, in which we planned a spacious closet and a private parent bathroom.

Here we are, the room for the little man - the new baby.

A soft blue background reflects its charm in the mirror wall of the wardrobes and creates a continuous space - a sky in which even a helicopter flies, in the image of the lighting fixture.

White symbolizes the purity and tenderness of the child's soul. Under the branches of a green tree, the songs of the birds and the wise gaze of the owl, the little man will grow up calm and cared for with love. he will grow for sure, and we will periodically measure exactly how much it has grown on the trunk of the green tree. :)