Type: offices | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: in use | Client: private client


Explicit, masculine, style distinguish the business office that we will show you. Designed in black and white colors with a proven classic effect, against which the beautiful flutter of the wood stands out.

Black radiates dignity, weight and strength, being present everywhere. This is how the manager's position in white stands out. The strict lines of the formation of the interior furnish emphasize the business atmosphere. The workplace is comfortable, stable and effectively accentuated by a wall of wooden slats in an uneven rhythm. The wall actually hides the shelves that store the company's archives in an discrete way and becomes an accentuated element for the room.

This element creates the uniqueness of the office and is remembered in the minds of customers with its distinctive character. Concealed lighting slides along the wooden slots like jets to add extra importance and emphasize once again the key place for the office.

The furniture follows the allusion to slats, the idea is reflected in the opposite black wall, where the wooden elements are a kind of interior frame of the beautiful aquarium.

Luxury and style characterize the bathroom.

An illuminated ceiling and a reflective mirror wall double the space and emphasize the strong radiance of the black stone.

Great things are happening in this office, no doubt. And this will be proved by our next publications related to the same client. It is wonderful when the harmony between designer and investor is present and the relationship follows its development into more interesting and diverse projects that actually make dreams come true ... a string of dreams.