Type: interiors | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: in use | Client: private client


The interior of this apartment is designed for men, because a young and successful man is its owner.

The apartment expresses the certainty and strength of its occupant with a simple shape, a strong influence of graphite dark shades. Accents in red contribute to artistry and uniqueness. The balance is brought on by the contrasting white color and warmth of the natural wood.

The male vision in the interior is distinguished by the definite shapes and colors in achromatic shades, and the accent is in the red color preferred by the owner.

The style is clear, modern and industrial, at the same time minimalist.

The decoration in the apartment is limited and comes down to a colorful panel on the wall, accented in the lighting fixtures and in the furniture.

The lighting is dimmed, with the ability to highlight specific places.

The quality of materials and details dominates every part of the design.

The entrance hall of the apartment leads us directly to the living room.

It houses all the main activities - kitchen, dining room and living room.

The main furniture on the walls is unobtrusive and inconspicuous and blends in with the whiteness of the walls. They are a background on which to stand out the warmth of the wood, the strength of the graphite gray color and the communicativeness of the red highlights.

The place is suitable for gatherings and meeting friends in a cozy environment.

Adjacent is the guest bedroom and shared bathroom.
To the right of the entrance we find ourselves in the owner's bedroom, equipped with a private luxury bathroom and a spacious closet.

In the bathroom, the natural materials stone and wood used to decorate it, radiating style.
In the reflection of the mirror we see the closet.

In the warmth of the cozy bedroom a peaceful rest is provided.

The environment is ideal for reflection, energy and planning new adventures.