Type: offices | Location: Petrich, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: in use | Client: private client


It's wonderful when things happen naturally. It's wonderful to create something new where we haven't been known before. To provide a fresh, modern environment for work in a small town, to bring a different flair to the traditional. Fortunately, this is the office building in Petrich, that we developed from the design to its realization.

Taking up one floor, the office has four working rooms, and in the center, between them, is the meeting room. The reception area is directly opposite the main entrance. The characteristic of the interior are the accentuated walking lines with different materials on the floor and ceiling and in some places the strips rotate on the walls.

Centrally located, the conference room is comfortable, easy and accessible for quick business meetings.

We looked at different options to create maximum comfort and good working conditions. Our investor turned out to be especially caring towards the employees in the office and not only avoided compromises in quality, but on the contrary, thought about the convenience of everyone. We helped him choose the most ergonomic furniture, quality acoustic materials and luxury lighting.

Here our understanding of design is synchronized with the goal of the investor to create, with dignity and respect for workers, the most convenient, comfortable and cozy working environment. Lucky are those who have such a careful employer.

Moderate, calming, resistant over time with its classic look.

We dressed the large columns and beams that cut through the rooms in a mirror finish and thus "melted" them visually. They literally disappeared from our sight, achieving a visual illusion.

The classic combination of black and white gives endless possibilities and always looks stylish. Against this background, the natural and soft impact of the wood stands out wonderfully.


Minimalism, comfort, luxury and aesthetics.