Type: private interior | Location: Sofia, Bylgaria | Period: | Status: concept | Client: private client

It is always a pleasure to develop an interior solution for an apartment in a building we have designed. That way we have the opportunity to finish what we started, there is no more satisfying feeling than that. So it is with great pleasure that we present to you the interior design of an apartment in a newly designed residential building. The main idea is a continuation of that of the building itself - minimalist, with clean lines, using achromatic colors that express and enhance the impact of volumes.
 Characteristic of the living room is the dynamics and ethereality, achieved through the volumetric solutions employed, the materials used and the contrast of colors and textures.
The elegant look is accentuated by the wooden texture, which gives a feeling of coziness in addition to the color highlight, imported from the sofa.

The contrast of colors in the kitchen visually distinguishes the different functions, and the volumetric solution creates a frame that unites and separates the area from the living room, bringing coziness with the wooden texture and the lowered ceiling.

The strong dynamics of the light panels in the kitchen contrasts with the tectonic dark volume of the cabinets, as a result of which a complete composition of mutually complementary elements is achieved.

The wall and cabinet behind the TV also work on the basis of contrast, which aims to accentuate the fireplace in the created dark niche. Interrupting the white volume of the cabinet in exactly this proportion makes the wall more vibrante.

The color accent, which is the sofa, fits harmoniously into the otherwise achromatic range of the living room, bringing warm and fresh feeling to the interior design.

The look of the bathroom is also designed on the principle of contrast, between the light tiled surfaces, the white ceiling and the mirrored black wall. Dynamics in the room is brought up by the lighting, which guides the view and accentuates the wall surfaces. The emphasized color in the bathroom is achieved through the tiles.
 In the bedroom we can find the same game of contrast between the colors black, white and orange. The dark wall behind the bed is tiled and brings a modern feel to the interior solution.
 The wall facing the bed is used as a closet, hidden behind thick, heavy curtains, bringing a new texture to the room, enrhensing the impact of the interior.
The mirror on the wall facing the window optically lengthens the space. Reflecting the light entering through the window, the mirror wall gives the feeling of spaciousness to the room and connects it with the exerior world.