Type: private interior | Location: | Period: | Status: concept | Client: private client

Creating the feeling of spacious, well-lit and cozy space is essential for the interior design of any home. So here we present to your attention an interior design that embodies just that.
The living room of the apartment is designed in light tones: gray, blue and white, giving it the feeling of spacious and bright space, which is further enhanced by the mirrored white surface of the ceiling. The textures of the materials, combined with their colors, give an enchanting feeling, in which the necessary dose of "warmth" is introduced through the wooden table and wall coverings.

The interior solution is set apart by a clean, minimalist vision and airiness. This specific style is achieved through the colors, materials, texture of the wall coverings and kitchen cabinets and last but not least the choice of the type of lighting fixtures and their complementary language with that of the transition between the entrance and the living room.

In the living room we are greeted by a light modular sofa in gray with an accent - light blue module. Its non-standard shape skillfully complements the interior solution, while allowing for different configurations depending on the preferences of the occupants.

Characteristic of the overall concept of the project are the black frames brought up to the living area through the lighting fixtures, the door to the room and the mirror next to it. Positioning the mirror next to the door creates the optical illusion of continuous space and "hiding" the corner of the room.
The wooden wall finishes, the kitchen counter and the dining table contrast with the light and "cold" surfaces, complementing the interior solution and giving it a feeling of coziness and warmth.

For the entrance space are used light tones highlighted by the wooden finish of the coat, interweaving in itself and the characteristic frames of the interior.
The living room and bedroom doors are in the same style, except that the glass on the bedroom door is frosted. Their height reaches the ceiling surface creating a more spacious entrance space. The two doors are separated by a thin slit that continues the strip of light coming from the ceiling surface.

The bathroom, like the entrance space, is designed in a light achromatic range, and here, too, the wooden finish and the motif with the frames are accentuated, continuing the stylization previously viewed in the other spaces, creating a specific esthetics. The light from the slots in the ceiling floods the walls of the room, which makes it brighter and gives the optical impression of speciousness.
 The bedroom combines clean lines, minimalist design, exalted of unnecessary colors and details. The main thing in the design is the use of the linearity details of the overall interior solution, carried out by inserting the motif with dark frames and light gray tones, accentuated with the right dose of color.