Type: retail | Location: Kyustendil, Bulgaria | Period: 2021 | Status: in use | Client: Fantastico

We are pleased to present you the new addition to the "Fantastico" chain of stores! :)

The "Fantastico" brand differs from its competitors in the industry with its modern and recognizable vision, impeccable design and their desire to prioritize the comfort of each client.

The comercial sites of the chain break the vision and understanding of the store as just a place to satisfy the basic needs of life, and provide customers with a shared space for shopping and entertainment.

The expectations of the clients in relation to the surrounding environment was the starting point for the architectural solution. Our projects strive to meet the needs and requirements of shoppers, providing harmonious, innovative, different in design, specific solutions. We believe that by approaching each object individually, with a common corporate identity, we are able to achieve the desired result. Designing identical stores by default in this brand is inappropriate and impossible. This is exactly their strength and marks the difference from other supermarket chains.

As the first representative of the chain in Kyustendil, the store brings the new understandings of a commercial site in the city and creates a socially active, dynamic, constantly renewing place, which in a modern way, with the latest technologies and constant enrichment of goods and services, cares and immerses in the comfort and delight of its customers.

The commercial hall is divided into several functional zones: cash registers, bread, cooking area with prepared meals, vegetables, wall-mounted refrigerated display cases and gondolas, display cases, alcohol, cosmetics and more. Each of them is highlighted in the interior in an appropriate way through characteristic architectural means and influences with its unique design and appropriate lighting, focusing the attention of customers on the products.


Several basic design principles are set out in this project. The logical arrangement of goods is one of them. The design solution of each of the zones and the clear marking of the groups of goods allow the customers to easily orientate themselves as quickly as possible and create a specific experience when passing through each sector. The clarity of the walking lines, the interesting "paths" in the store and their implementation are also important. In order to provide a smooth and pleasant experience to customers, we provide different dimensions of "transit" spaces and the places where more people gather - cash registers, display cases or areas where you choose longer (vegetables, cosmetics, alcohol).

Behind the stand line of the commercial hall are preparatory rooms and chambers for the grocery store. Of particular importance for the design is the arrangement of equipment and premises in relation to the most suitable technological line of products and goods, which provides a pleasant experience not only for customers but also for staff.

Complete customer care is our priority. To ensure their comfort, we direct our efforts in different directions, in order to achieve a symbiosis between functionality, design, color and light in every area of ​​the store, including "transit" spaces.

The clear directions for the entry and the exit, and the connections between the separate areas in the store are of major importance, sufficient illumination of the goods and appropriate color temperature, hidden compartments, good orientation of commodity groups, quality interior materials and last but not least the sound in the commercial and recreation areas (except for the areas where the client talks to the staff), are the others to take into account.

Physiological comfort is also an important part of our work, the appropriate temperature regime, the availability of toilets, the coffee space, which is a place for social communication, rest and relaxation.
Caring for society is our main task and additional services, and places for socialization are an integral part of the design process so that a store can become more than just a place for shopping. Creating opportunities for customers to rest and socialize in the store is leading ideas in the design. This makes the environment more active, makes it more dynamic and allows customers to recognize it as a cozy confortable space. An important role in this regard is played by both the places for relaxation and the visual connection with the outer heart, provided through one of the facades of the store.

It is essential for the design to provide an opportunity to perceive the building and its adjacent spaces during the night as well. Emphasizing the volume of the main facade elements of the building with lighting is an essential part of the architectural decisions.