Type: retail | Location: Troyan, Bulgaria | Period: 2016-2017 | Status: in use | Client: LIFE supermarkets

In the heart of the Balkans, in the picturesque town of Troyan, we had the pleasure and privilege to design a supermarket for the LIFE retail chain.

The corporate color of the chain is strongly expressed in the facade design. The ribbon-shaped shape is highlighted in such a way that in the night hours the building turns into a deceptive and unforgettable sparkling extravaganza.

To enter, we are lured by a green tunnel, deftly pierced through the most transparent glazed front facade.

It also plays the role of a windfang.

The characteristic grassy color draws us in as soon as we enter, beyond the radar doors.

Here we are at the vegetable zone.

There is a smooth transition to the cosmetics area.

In the end of the commercial hall there is a stand for raw food, meat, sausages and cheese. Behind the backs of the employees "walk" the animals, that make the delicious things on the stand possible.

Across the stand is the area with chilled and frozen packaged food.

The cooling racks sled smoothly into the specially designated "delicacies" area.

Next is the alcohol corner.

As soon as we have the right bottle of wine, we move to the heart of the store in the cooking area, which is done directly in front of customers.

The stand for cooked dishes ends with showcases for cakes and bakery products and a spacious rack for packaged delicacies.

Cash registers:

Immediately after the cash registers comes a surprise, that we will revile in another post.