Type: design | Location: Sofia, Geo Milev park | Period: 05.2017 | Status: in use | Client: Mastilo music

Near the house-office of Cityscape is Geo Milev Park, and in it - our new music playground, part of the project "Daisy" by Vicky from the "Ink" group.

When creating it, we worked together with our friends from AREA, who helped us choose the most suitable slides and toys to fully entertain all the little ones from the neighborhood.

The little ones can become composers by creating their own songs and melodies on the musical instruments xylophone and congas.

Our short research showed us that the people of Kalpazanka really like the daisy slide.

The facility provides an opportunity for the children to practice their mathematical skills.

We at Cityscape love the trampoline the most. If you are a child, small or slightly older, come and test it.

Or relax on our green benches while your little one has fun :)

Have a nice adventure!