Type: retail | Location: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: in use | Client: private client


Warm bread, with a crispy toast, fragrant, fluffy and divine! You will find it in "Earth and Bread", the small fresh bakery in Blagoevgrad.
Real bread is made with love! Delivering daily pleasure to people, giving them their livelihood in its most beautiful form, provoked our customers to build a bakery with a shop that will make people's day nicer, fragrant, light and give them a true taste.

The nobility of baking bread is an incredible pleasure! Baking is a magic that brightens everyone's day. It was really satisfying for us to design this place that gives real enjoyment to the spirit and the senses.

Walking around Blagoevgrad, you will definitely recognize this place by the fresh facade with sprouted wheat. The small neat shop with modern interior invites you to visit it situated on the ground floor of a residential building.
Here, bread and pasta are taken out of the oven on the spot, and after they are sold. And if you want to eat right away, you can sit on the green bar, overlooking the city and try pastries that we promise, you have never tasted before.

Nothing can compare to the aroma of fresh warm bread, which melts when tasted and leaves such a delight, erasing all other experiences.

Functionally, the commercial hall is well organized, the work areas are also in accordance with the business concept of our customers.
The crispy breads are originally organized in crates arranged on the walls. These are also composed on the ceiling, immersed in the main colors used - white, graphite gray and fresh green.
The lighting is extremely simple, but quite impressive. The wiring is reminiscent of hanging spring green stalks. The feeling of cleanliness and freshness is strongly supported by the main white background in the store.
Bulgarians are increasingly looking for healthy food and appreciating good bread.
Appreciate it and you in this pleasant atmosphere!