Type: interior | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: 2019-2020 | Status: in use | Client: private client

We want to present you an inspiration for one of our favorite families;)

The clean lines of the kitchen further soothe the occupants of the home, as it is organized logically and consistently for the preparation of delicious specialties.

The function is thought out in detail to help the family and save any unnecessary anxiety and fuss over the day.

Gentle shades are used, on which the colors of family life stand out. The individuality of each member of the family stands out. Thus we achieve the idea of "the man" in the center of the design, being visible and significant.

We have thought of every detail with a lot of attention and inspiration.

The special dimmed, recessed lighting contributes to the softness and impacts the atmosphere. Gives extra charm and airiness to the space.