Type: retail | Location: Pleven, Bulgaria | Period: 2019-2020 | Status: in use | Client: LIFE supermarkets

We are happy to present you the latest addition to the favorite Pleven chain of stores "LIFE". It was a pleasure and inspiration for us to design this architectural object. :) It's always a challenge to work on something that exists, giving it a new, bold and different expression in contrast with what we find in the surrounding context.

The bright corporate color of the chain is an accent in the facade composition.
 The feeling of jazz is the first thing a person experiences when he sees the ribbon-shaped formation of the new facade.

Oooh yes, the all familiar green tunnel;)

The particular green color draws us in as soon as we enter.

ahhh...and here it is the vegetable area.

Speaking of attention to the details? We are addicted :)

At the end of the commercial hall is the stand for raw foods, meat, sausages and cheese.
And here "walk" the majestic creatures, that make all the delicacies on the stand possible.

We reach the stand with all the treats, and right next to it....  the freshly baked bread.