Type: residential | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: 2019-2020 | Status: concept | Client: private client

A new multi-family residential building has been designed recently. Conceived and executed entirely in the spirit of modern architectural trends, the building brings a new, modern look to the neighborhood.

Through the use of various architectural techniques, we were able to satisfy the desire of the Investor and to adequately respond to the market’s demands. In the presented solutions we offer treatment of the facades through accentuating certain elements with different materials and colors.
We dreamed and made different variations in which the location, the size of the window openings and the use of different materials is took in consideration and felt over.

We will present you with the final result after it’s the realization. But one thing is for sure, the city will get a new, fresh and modern silhouette, and the residents of the building will have modern and comfortable homes.