Type: retail | Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria | Period: 2019-2020 | Status: in use | Client: CBA

The supermarket Clasico (CBA) in Veliko Tarnovo has recently been renovated and it belongs to the chain which designe was done by the architectural studio Citiescape.

The interior is designed in black and white, in combination with wooden finishes. But the emphasis in the design is on the hanging round shapes. They lead us through the different areas of the store on the ceiling, combined with white graphics and spectacular lighting fixtures.

 The first area we pass through is the healthiest and greenest area, the one for fruits and vegetables. As a signal element here we can find original hanging round shapes colored in fresh green.

In the store, in addition to food products, there are also a variety of household goods, again carefully highlighted with hanging elements.

 The "hot spot" has a white dot design. From it begin the culinary stands for the preparation of roasts, barbecue, cooked meals, cakes and other temptations.

The stands with olives, salads, fresh sausages and cheeses are beautifully decorated, and color images of the various products lure us to one of the most popular showcases.

We paid special attention to the area with alcoholic beverages. Using the hanging round bodies as a highlight, in combination with elements of cups and bottles, which invite us there to try.