Cityscape - архитектура, проектиране, дизайн


Тип: магазини | Място: София, България | Период: | Статус: в експлоатация | Клиент: частно лице


The project is a reconstruction of an existing supermarket. The main idea of this reconstruction was to provide a high quality customer experience. The elevations are recovered with custom made concrete panels and for accent are used black and blue floating boxes. During the day building is very calm, but in the night the black boxes turn into dancing lights and make the building totally different.

The interior is designed to serve the needs of the customer. The organization of the main space follows the standarts of comfort and liberty of the individual choice. Due to the condition of the modest internal height, there is no ceiling unless it was really necessary. Most of the instalations are visible and this makes the interior a little bit industrial. The specific suspended ceilings and powerful hanging elements help for the better orientation in the hall. On the other hand they mark the most tempting products group. Following the good scenographique solutions, the décor is minimized and it reveales the abundance of the products. All grey shades are refreshed by the warm wood. The different use of wood makes the place more cozy. The sparkling white color is delicately used in the interior for additional brilliance. The zone with the vegetables is so colorful by default, so it is bravely painted in green. The black mirror like ceiling doubles all the exuberance of that zone. The kitchen absolutely straight defined the principles of honesty and care for the customer. The culinary miracles happen right behind a glass where everyone is welcomed to feel the richness of smell and taste.