Type: private house | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: under construction | Client: private client


Who among us has not dreamed to work and live in the same place.This project is both in Sofia and in a very unusual for the city environment - in the skirts of Vitosha mountain, immersed in greenery and silence, with fresh air and tranquility, rare qualities of any metropolitan district.

However, dreams sometimes come true - as long as you find the right place, the right investors and designers to pursue your goals - namely: to build your home - a dream, just as you imagined it!

It is located in the skirts of Vitosha Mountain, in Knyazhevo, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the same time it has an easy car access, it takes only minutes to get to the city center. In other words, the place is great and deserved all the effort made to make a dream come true.
The terrain has a significant elevation gain, climbing to the south - to Vitosha. The only access to the property is from the street to the north. This was decisive in determing the location of the house at its northern end, but also the fact we have a whole floor dug into the ground.
The upper residential level is most naturally located to the south as its creates a continous space with that of the terrace overlooking the ground level.
With the complete glazing to the south, the apartment overlooks a richly landscaped yard to a natural idyll, uncharacteristic of the typical cityscape.
We present to you a single-family house for a couple, with already grown children - a house to give deserved peace and joy to its owners, with everything you need and with an optimal dose of comfort. At the same time, part of it should serve as an office and provide an opportunity for their business to function. The functional distribution is on two floors, with an office first floor and a residential second floor with separate entrances. Both are located on the street to the north, where the car access is - to a double garage and two open parking spaces.
The office floor has two working rooms, a kitchenette and bathrooms, convenient direct internal access to the garage and a warm connection to the living level.
The residential floor has a large living room, immersed in the greenery of the south yard through the spacious terrace. The living room merges with the dining area, but is visually separated by a three-sided visible fireplace and is connected to the kitchen area. From the living room you enter the south bedroom of the owners again with a view of the magnificent terrace and the opportunity to relax in the shade of a century-old pine tree. It has a large closet space and a private bathroom.
In order for the pleasure to be complete, the owner of the house wishes to have a winter garden where she can grow her favorite plants, even in the coldest months of the year. This garden finds its place as a transition from the dining room to the yard and in winter provides the comfort of a kind of oasis, and in summer it can be fully open and overflow the living space directly into the nature of the garden. Thus, the merging outside and inside takes place completely and provides complete comfort to its inhabitants in all seasons.
In the eastern part is the guest bedroom, and in the western and northern part of the second floor - service rooms.The house is additionally lit with skylights - hatches that let light into even the most deaf interior areas. Thus, the feeling of space and air enters every corner of the home.
The design goes through different options - distributions, different
storeys, vision, materials.

Two-storey southern residential façade, open to green wealth / subsequently not selected, as the maximum aspiration to merge with nature wins entirely one-storey southern façade /

And a two-storey "closed" northern office façade, on the side of the street - with access to the office part and a discreet entrance to the residential one.
We are experimenting with how exactly the back facade is closed, with the different materials and shaping the approaches to the office and residential part.
Избран остава вариантът, който собствениците оприличават на отворена книга – с жилищен втори етаж, отворен към природата, затворен към града и външните посетители; и противоположно - офисен първи етаж – отворен към града и гостоприемен за посетители.
Семпло, просто, еднозначно – сливане с природата и пропускане на жизнената й сила вътре в дома, постигайки с това уют и истински оазис в недрата на динамична София.


А към града отношението ни е делово – гостоприемно отворен офис и дискретно прикрит жилищен вход. И двете функции са само на един етаж разстояние. Какво по-хубаво? Мечтата на всеки работещ столичанин.
Така едно чудесно намерение се реализира в изпълнение. А как - очаквайте да разберете скоро ;)
Дали фасадата ще бъде изпълнена с дърво, мазилка или ламарина, следва да разберем. Коя си избрахте?


Дотогава, предоставяме на вашето внимание вариантите, през които премина проектирането, докато се достигне до финалния.