In search of our Architectural Office Manager

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The topic of office manager came up again in the Cityscape studio again. Who is this person and do we need him/her ? Oh yeah!

After our humble team had not had such a person for many years, except for short periods, each of the architects had taken on some of the many activities that an office manager would do. Distributed among a dozen people, these tasks were supposed to be done aside, but it turned out that sometimes they take so much time, hours and whole days that we deprived ourselves of the charm of doing our architectural design work.

Although we are extremely organized and positive people, with a very good internal company structure and principles to follow, the office organization, combined with increased design work, began to get out of control and, to put it mildly, we obtained this look:

В търсене на нашият архитектурен Офис Мениджър

Then the light bulb lights up! It's time to look for your wizard again!

В търсене на нашият архитектурен Офис Мениджър

And so, in parallel with the search for an architect, we started this labor-intensive task of finding a manager.

3 months ago we had a similar offensive with a final happy choice, but he/she flew away from us under even happier circumstances for him/her / which of course we are happy about! And we wish the nothing other than success /.

After taking a short break from all the fuss about gathering candidates, reviewing, interviewing, ranking, etc. activities, spring gave us new strength and we started our search again!

What is an architectural office manager?

For us it is this positive, smiling, sunny person who with ease and pleasure would perform all activities accompanying the design and would take care of order and organizational tasks in the studio, like a magician, almost in a state of "OM" / is it a coincidence this meditative sound with the acronym office manager, OM, hardly :)

В търсене на нашият архитектурен Офис Мениджър

Our team together compiled a huge list of activities with which we would like this person to ease our daily lives and get us through the normal happy 8-hour workday. Well, out of decency we removed some points that read: to be able to cook, etc. :), but we do not mind any other extra, as they say.

Choosing an office manager turned out to be an even more difficult task than choosing an architect. Perhaps because the applications come from a wide variety of places and people, as different as the world is colorful. The choice of an architect is limited among people made from one and the same dough - the architectural. Choosing an office manager is like diving into the ocean with as many different types of sea creatures as nature has created.

The statistics for this competition were 78 applications / 8 men, 70 women /. Of those 15 invited for an interview, 4 absent /.

In the end we made our choice of a person who will always consider these things:

В търсене на нашият архитектурен Офис Мениджър

And who will bring the much-desired harmony in every way, proudly calling himself a Cityscape office manager.

В търсене на нашият архитектурен Офис Мениджър