Type: retail | Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria | Period: 2016 | Status: in use | Client: ZORA


For its 25th birthday, the ZORA chain of stores decided to give itself a new vision and organized a competition, which we won.

For us, the architects from Cityscape, it was a pleasure and a challenge to participate in the change of the corporate identity and vision of the Zora retail chain.

We became direct participants in setting a new beginning and a completely new concept for the vision, technological location and operation of the store, even for the new company color and logo / selected in another competition organized for designers /.

Together we looked to the future and proposed a futuristic design that was received with enjoyment and admiration.

By analogy with high technology, the concept of "boards" has become a fundamental element in the new line of interiors, and blue techno color - the main, along with white and graphite gray.

We have invested modern trends and materials that are in line with the development of high technology, industry and the international market and aimed at a wider range of young customers.

The renewed infrastructure of the commercial halls was fully updated and complied with the dynamics and requirements of rapidly evolving techniques.

The aim of Zora to become a communicative and interactive place for customers was realized in our bold projects in this, and most of their stores. The innovative design set a new strong start for the chain, which is becoming even more competitive with other stores in the industry and to be especially proud of being an entirely Bulgarian brand.

We have established a central open area, from which the sectors of the individual commodity groups are visible and accessible. There’s a walking line running through the whole hall, offering clear visibility to the products on display from every point. We’ve also opened the zones so that they can communicate with each other and especially with the customers, who can more quickly and easily define their needs and combine products according to their individual taste and style.

The most luxurious and desired goods are located in the center - laptops, phones, etc. In depth, but in the most crucial place, where all the futuristic lines lead us, are some of the most attractive goods - TV screens, and on both sides of the "boards" are all other items, neatly arranged and easily found by customers with the drawn logical walking lines.

Furthermore, we have designed the furniture of the store according to the specific needs and details.

After those cardinal measures for renewal, the chain "ZORA" rose again on our market - with a new vision, a new color, a new identity and stood out from everyone else!

Be sure to visit the first of the renovated stores in Plovdiv and enjoy to the smallest detail.

Relax and let the futuristic features guide you, follow our modernist design in the subsequent sites of the chain. You will be pleasantly surprised by shopping in the stylishly renovated stores.