Cityscape - архитектура, проектиране, дизайн


Тип: градоустройство | Място: София, България | Период: 09-12.2011 | Статус: конкурс/концепция | Клиент: частно лице

журиране: 12.2011

участници: 130, международен



Quality of underground spaces is defined by end users by specific functionality of the space and by two groups of psychological aspects – safety and comfort. (“A systematic quality assessment of underground spaces – public transport stations” Sanja Durmisevic and Sevil Sariyildiz, Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, The Netherlands)

The design concept evolves from the following optimizations according to these aspects:

1. Layout and materials optimization
§      Duplex entrance points on both sidewalks, increased traffic and pedestrian safety
§      Huge lit canopies over the entrance points, visible from a distance

§      Clean layout and simple plan of the entrance hall – quick space orientation, easy to perceive space, clearly visible exit points and escape patterns
§      Visibility of directions – easy orientation
§      Space continuity – from entrance hall to platform level
§      Grouped service facilities – tickets’ counter, security exc. grouped together, overlooking entrance hall
§      One entry point, two exit points – unobstructed flow of people, going out of the station (rush hour and disaster times), facilitated control on entrance, change of direction if mistaken is possible without going through control points again
§      Vertical communication elements turned in the same direction and grouped; accessibility points aligned
§      Perforated bright white metal ceilings with incorporated ventilation, lights and sound absorption above at platform level – acoustics, air and light controls with durable anti-vandal design.
§      Reflective bright ceiling at entrance hall level.
§      Durable furniture with incorporated light

2. Psychological aspects optimization

§      Light shafts – huge areas of the pavement are lifted and transformed as canopies, whereas the gaps opened glassed for free flow of daylight into the station – natural light in underground areas increases both feelings of safety and of comfort, contributes to better orientation and reduces the feeling of entrapment
§      Double height, interconnecting entry hall and platform level – gives an overall overview and rises the psychological feeling of safety
§      Natural light on platform level – creates a feeling of well-being and comfort
§      Improved visibility contributes for the subjective perception of safety – being able to see and be seen
§      Direction walls and map walls are incorporated into the design patterns, so that they cannot be missed.
§      No dark areas

3. Landscape and urban attitude

The newly formed open area above the heating pipes is treated as a linear park. The park ends with a climbing wall at one end and with an open stage at the other. Green areas with benches, a chess board, sports park with scating ramps and a pavement fountain are lined along the park.

The canopies of the entrance points of the station, placed perpendicular to the park, are twisted towards the newly developed area. The design of both the station and the park is considered as a whole and elements of it can be traced throughout the urban composition.