Type: universal store | Location: Pleven, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: in use | Client: KREZ stores

We are in Pleven again but with a different task.
We had to place a universal shop of the local chain stores KREZ  in an existing building (former supermarket). It was a pleasure for us to dive in a new colourful adveture with them.


Instead of using there corporate colour - yellow, we decided to use all of them! The elongated and monotonous facade became was completelytransformed with rhythmically arranged with  illuminated boxes. Each box has a pictogram that shows the client what they could find inside. 

Let the shopping begin now!

The lockers became one of the main accent in the interior, overflowing into seating space.

The interior is a natural extention of the exterior. The store is devided into different zones according to the tipe of goods that are sold. Each zone has its own colour and set of pictograms. The floor graphics also point the client towards the items they need to buy.

Happy children...

Cosmetics for the ladies...

Everything for the student...

That is all for now from us!
It was a great experince, we wish the best of luck to our new friends in Pleven and a colourful shopping time for their clients!