Type: retail | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Period: | Status: in use | Client: Fantastico


Welcome to the renovated store of the Fantastico chain of stores in the West Park district.
Already reconstructed, renovated and in a new style, it welcomes its customers in a luxurious and friendly atmosphere.

From approaching the store you can feel the transformed space in the replaced flooring outside, the comfortable designer benches with gabions and the playground waiting for the little ones. The pleasant lighting of the façade and the entrance create an impression of cleanliness and luxury.

And on the inside something waits us.

The store is located on the ground floor of a residential building. This makes it different from large stores due to the non-standard space in which all functional areas are located.

The shopping starts in the home area.

After passing between the shelves with cosmetics, dry food and household goods, we can see the chilled and frozen products.

Small, but of particular importance here is the area for freshly baked hot bread. The pallet, accessible from all sides, is brightly lit by a special illuminated panel, from which the wheat ears playfully descend in the form of lighting.

It is followed by the all favorite bright and attractive, colorful area with fruits and vegetables.
For the first time in this store we use a luminous stretch ceiling with a full color print of a rich vegetable variety. Against the black background of the store, the place is impressive.

This creates a joyful and lively mood.

Still insatiable with living natural resources, we move on to the next attractive area. We meet again an abundance of products, but processed in the form of alcoholic and soft drinks.

A glamorous, luxurious and comfortable checkout area is the culmination of our shopping.

And here we will pay special attention to the designer lighting, considered in detail.

The cash registers send us away tidy and luminous, in a typical design for all stores in the chain.

It was a real pleasure for us to walk you around. Visit our other sites in the "Fantastico" chain to see how diverse and interesting they are.